Your Ford dealership in St-Jérôme for over 20 years.

Formerly called Des Laurentides Ford, Léveillé Ford is in full expansion and will soon be moving to a new location in St-Jérôme along Highway 15. The largest Ford dealership in St-Jérôme.

Ford Experts in St-Jérôme
Our team of Ford experts is made up of the elite of sales and service advisors who will answer the sometimes-complex questions surrounding the purchase and repair of a car. See our blogs to discover some of our Ford vehicle experts.

Ford has an innovative range of vehicles
A lot of ground has been covered since the advent of Henry Ford's Model T. The blue oval brand continues to write history with its range of electric vehicles like the all-new F-150 Lightning and the sporty Mustang Mach-E. Technology and connectivity are present in every car and truck. Our Ford experts are always available to help you make an informed choice and understand the new technologies.

Used Ford vehicles and other brands in Saint-Jérôme
Many dealerships offer used vehicles, so why choose Léveillé Ford? Dealing with our experts means getting more for your money! More transparency on the mechanical inspection, more advice on car financing choices, and more information on the origin of your used vehicle.

Ford Certified Service in Saint-Jérôme
When you entrust your Ford to our specialized technicians, you are sure to obtain the highest standards of the manufacturer. Our experts undergo continuous mechanical training, and we have internal processes that guarantee meticulous work. However, what really makes the difference between another garage and our Ford service department is the relationship of trust that is built quickly.
Our reputation with Jérômiens is excellent and we have a Google rating of 4.6, the highest rating in the Laurentians for a Ford dealership. What is our secret? We have created a unique corporate culture in the automotive industry in which we put the well-being of our customers and our employees at the heart of our concerns. In other words, human relations first!